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Server IP: mc.ultranetwork.me

Server Features


With over 60 ranks in our prison server, there is a lot to do and always room to advance and improve!

Crate Rewards

Get rewarded for playing, redeem your keys for custom tags, items, money, commands and a lot more!

Social Staff

With an open staff team always ready to help you out, there's no other server you'll feel more welcome in.

Join in the community!

Get involved and join our Discord server to get in touch with other players! With Discord, anyone is free to join and hang around, talk with the staff and other members of the server.

Our Discord server is the heart of our communication and link with the community that is the player base of our server. We accept suggestions and feedback from everyone to better develop our standing as a server. Having fun and getting involved with everyone else is another main factor that we pride ourselves with on the server. Playing alone is never fun, so at UltraNetwork you'll always have someone else to join in with you!

It doesn't stop there, donators get access to a private donators Discord Channel and see the latest updates and features that are going to be added to the server before anyone else! Our staff release sneak peaks for our dedicated players to keep the hype alive!

More Services


On our Prison server, enter the world of Plots and get your own private piece of land to build on, store your items or create masterpieces with your friends!


Get rewarded for voting for our server automatically, courtesy of Votifier! When you vote for our server, you receive money, sales multipliers and reward keys!


We use a custom enchantment plugin which adds a bunch of new enchants that you can add to your tools, always giving you something new to check out!

Premium Features

The features don't stop there, if you want to be Ultra and take it a step further, you can donate and help us keep the server alive, and you'll receive exclusive premium rewards!

With exclusive updates occurring everyday, changes are being brought in with new plugins and features for the players constantly - You'll never get bored.


Looking to get a little boost in-game? Check out the Buycraft store, which gives you access to cosmetical upgrades, mines in your own plots and a ton of other things!

Server Owner DeadMaster
Management and in charge of all in-game related events,
changes and player related support requests.
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Server Owner Skully
Management of forums, website and all external server related
changes and support, including staff management.
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